Super Smash Bros.” – Players go to the barricades: In an Internet forum reported in the past few days countless angry 3DS gamblers to speak. The reason: They were banished for no apparent reason from the online modes of the game of punishment. Not just temporary, but for a whopping 136 years! The process is probably based on a bug. While an opinion from Nintendo is pending, players provide the explanation for the bug itself. A forum user with programming knowledge suspects a spelling error of the spell, which is usually checked after each game and possibly reset to zero.

If the game omits this step because of an error, the programmer will create a negative value. The program can not read it and automatically interprets it as the highest possible value. This in turn corresponds to 4,294,967,295 seconds or 136 years in the binary calculation of a computer program. Whether the theory is correct remains unclear for the time being. One thing is certain: anyone affected by the bug is currently only gambling offline. Gamers, however, have put together tips to prevent the appearance of the glitch. Therefore, for now, players should only play against one player at a time and avoid group games. It remains to be seen when Nintendo gets involved in the matter.

Test: Super Smash Bros. for 3DS

For 15 years now, Mario and his hero colleagues have been thrashing through the Nintendo gaming world extremely successfully – and the “Super Smash Flash 2 Unblocked.” series is quite different from other martial arts titles. While you beat your opponents in conventional sticking games or defeat them with task handles, you throw the opponents here by blows or special attacks from a hovering platform. Roughly speaking, the rules work like a crazy version of sumo sports!

How the attacks work depends on how your character is facing your opponent and the rhythm at which you press the keys. However, it is also important in which direction and above all how far and how fast you move the analog stick during an attack! For this you first have to develop a feeling, because the gradations are very fine. The biggest criticism: There is no reasonable tutorial to learn the controls. Behind the training mode hides nothing more than an infinite fight in which no one takes damage. An explanatory introduction to the operation is missing. After all, you achieve initial success by uncontrolled pressing the buttons. Gradually, you get the spin out automatically and beat against more difficult opponents with flying colors.

Diversity in every way

Not only the heroes offer is huge with 36 characters. 27 interactive arenas and numerous modes provide plenty of variety; You can play alone or with up to three other players. The choices range from simple fights over tournaments, temporary collection orders in a large battle zone to fun disciplines such as the passing of a sandbag. The most attention, however, still attracts the classic combat mode. It’s just fun to talk with friends or strangers over the Internet or a local radio connection to give something behind the hero’s ears. It is traditionally very hectic, especially with more than two players. If the camera then additionally zoom out, another weakness of the game is revealed – you can see on the small screen too few details.
Conclusion: Super Smash Bros. (3DS)

The latest installment in plumber Mario’s series and the other Nintendo heroes polarized as did his predecessors. In general, the game does not do anything different or new – this is more upscale product care. This means: more characters, more game modes – and the proven, solid game mechanics, which are sometimes shown by the camera too far the limits of playability. Overall, however, the series has been implemented excellently for the portable console. In addition, you can finally fight with your own Mii! Show the hero where the hammer hangs!

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