As soon as it gets warm outside and the sun is shining regularly again, there is nothing better for many than to get on your bike and pedal. Especially in Germany bicycles are very popular. In 2014 alone, over 72 million bicycles were distributed in Germany. Consequently, today there is virtually no household in which no bicycle can be found.

The passionate bike lovers have a variety of motives for their hobby. Many just ride for fun , others do it to exercise and stay fit. Active cycling does not ignore the social aspect either: there are real bicycle communities. For example, portals on the Internet are used to find like-minded people and then to accelerate on the bike together. But for many, they are just practical. With a bike everyone goes from A to B with lightning speed , without any fuel costs. Accordingly, the bikes from many cityscapes are simply unimaginable.

Not least because of its great popularity it is owed that the market of bicycles is huge and there are numerous offers. In addition, there are many specialized types of bicycles that are more suitable for specific job sites than ordinary wheels. This versatility makes it hard for any newcomer to make a purchase decision . Which new bike is suitable for me? What features does a bike need to have and what is more under optional accessories? Which traffic rules apply to me with this or that bike?

This guide explains exactly how to find the right bike through testing and which purchase criteria are particularly relevant. Which wheel will end up being your personal comparison bike winner ?

In addition to the many cheap bicycles, which are also sometimes offered by discounters, especially wheels of certain brands are very popular. If you want to enjoy your bike for a long time, you should compare bicycles from well-known manufacturers such as Bergsteiger, Viking, Kalkhoff, Diamant, Pegasus or Mercedes-Benz. Many bike connoisseurs already connect appropriate types of bicycles with certain company names.

For example, the manufacturer particularly values Stereo Bikes for its offerings in the BMX sector. Fans of mountain bikes put their hand on fire for a KTM bike , whereas Cube bikes are known for their quality racing bikes. Diamond bike and Pegasus bike are once again in the forefront in the city bike sector. In contrast, the company Kalkhoff is known to have high quality in all types of bicycles and not to specialize.

The question of whether you want to favor a particular provider , everyone has to answer for themselves. But no matter which brand the decision finally comes, there are purchase criteria that generally apply to all bicycles and should be considered in every case. Accordingly, each bike should also be subjected to a test on the basis of these characteristics and evaluated in terms of its quality.

No matter what type of bike or manufacturer a bike comes from, there are certain characteristics that every bike has and that must be sure to fit a potential rider before he or she can consider making a purchase. These include the frame height, the size of the tires, the type of brake system and the circuit of the bike . In the following, these criteria are examined closely to make it clear what exactly must be considered when buying a bike.

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